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Japanese designers say they have to work abroad to be respected at home

Designers in Japan can only get the plaudits they deserve in their home country by first seeking success abroad, according to participants at design festival Designart Tokyo. Furniture designer Hitoshi Makino is among those that believe Japanese designers must work elsewhere before they can win respect at home. “If somebody gets success outside Japan, [people] respect that person. If […]

Nendo designs emergency portable battery that can be charged by rotating

Japanese studio Nendo has designed a mobile battery that users can charge by rotating, to power-up their smartphone in case of emergencies. The minimal, stick-like emergency portable battery, called Denqul, was designed for use in disasters, to ensure people have a reliable power supply for their smartphones to access to basic needs such as communication and lighting. […]

New Public Hydrant would let New Yorkers drink from city water mains

New York designers Agency-Agency and Chris Woebken have created a series of bright blue plumbing fixtures that could turn the city’s fire hydrants into public drinking fountains or showers. The conceptual project, dubbed New Public Hydrant, was developed over summer 2018 in response to a brief from the Water Futures research programme organised by Brooklyn creative space A/D/O. Curated by Jane […]

Ceramicist Reiko Kaneko creates flavour-boosting plate collection

Reiko Kaneko’s plates for appliance manufacturer Neff explore how the colour, shape, texture and weight of crockery can intensify perceptions of flavour. The collection, designed by Stoke-on-Trent-based ceramicist Kaneko, are based upon research carried out by Professor Charles Spence in the field of gastrophysics that shows how the feel of the crockery can trick the brain into experiencing a richer taste […]

John Pawson designs minimalist oil lantern for Wästberg

British designer John Pawson has collaborated with Swedish lighting company Wästberg to design the fourth non-electric light in its Holocene collection. The oil lantern, called Holocene no.4, is made from stainless steel and aluminium, with a matte exterior drum and a polished interior core to best reflect the light. The freestanding piece has a squared-off metal handle that extends from the […]

Stockholm’s renovated Nationalmuseum furnished with 82 contemporary products to promote Nordic design

Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum has reopened its doors after a five-year restoration, with a range of furniture, lighting and tableware created by contemporary Nordic designers to complement its interiors. Built in 1866, the Nationalmuseum was closed for renovation in 2013, during which time many of its staff quarters and storage areas were expanded and converted into public space, including the […]